Gentle Tuning

From where I started it was hard to imagine that I would reach such a state of mind, confidence, and healthy body and live the kind of life that I I live now. My beginning was very humble. At the age of 14 I was faced with my dad's suicide, because he suffered from alcoholism, which caused me an array of psychological challenges. That  made it hard for me to cope with everyday life. Later I was faced with one more tragedy. My first baby girl died after ten days beeing born, diagnosed with very rare genetical disorder. 

In those hard moments, I used these dance movements  to calm my mind, to be in present, and slowly strengthen myself.

These dance movements helped me find my way back to my true self and to be present in the moment. It opened the way of healing, a better me, and beautiful life.  

I also used these exercises to strengthen myself both physically and mentally after delivery. That allowed me to enjoy my kids fully and not miss precious moments. Although I struggle sometimes and get caught up in spiraling perpetual cycles. Mindful dancing helped me to surrender, instead of resisting life. Also, the negative spirals changed in just a short moment of experience, than becoming part of my life.

I was lucky to find out that dancing is a very powerful tool to heal very intensely emotional trauma by accessing the subconscious mind. It helped me to transform my life, without me fully being aware of it. This is why I designed very gentle dance movement sequences, which can be adjusted carefully for every person, who feels stuck or disconnected.

Join me on this relaxation journey for the betterment of mind and soul by doing the exercises on the website or schedule a personalized 1-on-1 guided session.