Hypnotherapy, also referred to as guided hypnosis, is a form of psychotherapy that uses relaxation, extreme concentration, and intense attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness or mindfulness. In other words it places the individual into a "trance" or altered state of awarness.

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Why did I add hypnotherapy also to my website and what impact it had on my own life?

That's why this whole beautiful website exists! Thanks to Dear Debbie! 

I am who I am today thanks to dancing! It helped me move through my flight or freeze mode, where my natural state most of the times was, to a fantasy, vision, imagination... where everybody is simple who they are, they are light, full of joy, playful, hopeful, just seeing how beautiful life is, and expressing it!!! in whatever way they like. That helped me grew into a beautiful, strong bright woman from unconfident, weak, confused, most often trying to detach from enviroment girl.

Dancing broght me into meeting the love of my life, it healed and sooth me during griefing loosing my miracle, baby girl and ignite me with dream and hope again, that's how my son Gabriel and doughter Abigail was born, I chose embracing and cuddling instead ambition, yet i danced, we all danced all the time. My both kids love dancing, without me persuading them. How do they dance, wonderful? Will they be dancers? I don't know, they dicover life knowing they just are, and they are awesome! It brings, profoundly amazinf results they are happy, vibrant healthy, curious children.

Me I was splited, I was happy, joyful alive, vibrant embraced by my family, completly feeling extatic, y just beeing in the moment, other part of me felt imense guilt of expresing that state, so I punished myself by scratching my skin into wounds, or the unresolved pain, had to be expressed. I felt trapped. I was living fullfiled life, yet i was intangled with old pain.

That's when I reached out to Debbie, she is very compassionate and her goal is just help people to be released from any mental prison they might be trapped in.

My trap was if i express my joy fully, my loved one will die. So i kept uconsciously punishing myself, making myself "not wealthy" to keep balance, that nothing bad will happen.

I couldn't share the powerful healing dance has, how strong it made me, graceful not only outside, but also inside, what i mean, by feeling music, learning articulate you body, and respond feeling wise with obdy languafe, it opened a whole new dynamics of how I experiencing life, it's much more vivid, colourful, passionate, is no reason to hide very simple techniques from other, to connect to the feeling the momevment even doesn't have to be complex. It's simple, yet it change perspective immensly, yet i had this big fear if I share with people how i get "wealthy", that means, healthy, vibrant, I will loose loved one! I was aware it's superstition, yet i couldn;t help it to feel it this is true reality for me, and others just don't know what I realy experienced, and they are insensitive to life, so like that I also became to defensice towards each people, who crossed my path. 

Debbie with hypnotherapy, helped me just to access my inner tuth instead of all "fake stories" my mind is creating trying to protect me, and yet it was pretty resistant, It's understandable, but I didnn't give up this time on me, I wrote a whole book, and my whole book was my ego trying to convince i don't need dancing to live fullfiled life, it went through very low to very happy, like a convincing nd when i finished the book, that's it i worked on website, i felt at peace. I was fully myself! I was me, with my beautiful healthy, vibrant family, not by trying to deny myself to protect my family to be happy, but actually my family is happy, vibrant, joyful because of who I am. People now look at me and ask, but how do you do with kids and look so good? I just be myself and play, maybe it's enough to live a well lived life ;)